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USA1928 Versare Model 3880 Trolleybus (UL&T Co. Salt Lake City 300-311 series)

416The first large-scale trolley coach system in the United States was started in September 1928 in the Salt Lake City. To open the system, ten three-axle coaches of the modern design was supplied by Versare Corp. of Albany, NY. The Versare company specialized in building a large buses using hybrid gasoline-electric technology since 1925. The Utah Light & Traction Co. ordered ten trolley coaches from Versare (model 3880) and numbered them 300-309. These coaches were larger than any previous trolley coach, seating 43 passengers. Additional coach 310 (foremer demostrator exhibited at the American Electric Railway Association in Cleveland) joined the fleet at the same year. In 1928 the Cincinnati Car Co. bought Versare Corp. and in March 1929 sent a demonstrator to Salt Lake City (numbered 311), very similar to eleven coaches already in service but with GE equipment and improvements in dynamic braking and other functions. The Versare coaches were having problems with the driveshaft breakage and the ride was rough and shortly after arrival coach 311 was converted to a two-axle confirguration and other 11 coaches were converted to same design within the 1929. In 1944 the Salt Lake City system was sold to a National City Lines subsidiary and in September 1946 the trolley coach operation was ended.

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USA1928 Versare Model 3880 Trolleybus (2-axle version; Pacific City Lines; Salt Lake City 300-311 series)

416aPacific City Lines purchased the transit operations of UL&T in 1944 and the city's trolley coaches were shortly repainted in the new orange and cream livery with white roof, remained in this paint scheme until the end of the system in 1946.

Scale 1:43
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